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Beautiful Spaces We Maintain

Designing and installing beautiful landscapes is just the beginning of our journey when it comes to your property. Just as important as a good design, good long-term maintenance is key to keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. Did you know? Here at Bare Roots, we also provide comprehensive landscape maintenance including mowing, edging, seasonal color plantings, timely fertilization, irrigation repair…everything you’ll need to keep your landscape looking it’s best. Here are a few examples of properties we maintain…

Stunning Stone & Pool Installation

Mix hot Texas summers with a big open backyard and you have yourself a recipe for the perfect pool! The large open backyard of this property was perfect for a new pool and outdoor entertaining areas to make the best use of the space. While the homeowners wanted a pool with a contemporary feel, we also wanted to make sure the materials we used complimented the home. To tie them together, we replaced the original patio and steps with Texas stone to match the new stone retaining wall. Using these materials allowed us to better blend the transition from the home to the pool area. We then installed the new pool with a hot tub area just at the base of the patio steps. The surrounding landscape beds were filled with heat tolerant perennials and shrubs for easy maintenance. Beautiful. We had a hard time leaving!

A Gorgeous New Home & Landscape!

When you’re designing and building a new home, you also have a great opportunity to get the landscape just right from the get go. We were thrilled to be asked to design and install the landscape for this family’s new home build. The home, with its red tile roof and clean lines, called for a landscape that was modern, but with a Mediterranean flair. In order to make the narrow front yard useful for off-street parking, we first created and installed a circular driveway. We then built raised front beds along the front of the home using stone that matched the entryway. Drought tolerant plants were added along with an irrigation system to keep maintenance easy and efficient. The tree planted in front will eventually shade the home, saving them each year in energy costs. A small lawn area was established in sunny areas to the side of the home. Large natural stone pavers were installed to create stairs and a pathway to a new side patio that will be perfect for hanging out with the new neighbors.

A small side yard gets a big makeover.

Side yards: They’re kind of like the Cinderella of the landscape. They are often neglected and unattractive; but given some thought and care, they can transform into your favorite part of your landscape. This family wanted to make all their outdoor spaces usable and beautiful, including a neglected side yard. The changes we made were ultimately simple, but made a huge impact on the look and functionality of their space. This west facing side yard is almost completely shaded, but for a few small areas of full sun. In the areas that had enough direct sun, we added a new lush lawn. Under the large established shade tree, we created a stone patio perfect for relaxing or entertaining. It’s also now the perfect place for a grill or fire pit. We filled surrounding beds with ferns and other shade-tolerant easy-care perennials. The side yard, previously an eye sore, has now become a favorite place to relax!

Stunning Entryway

Everyone wants to come home to a beautiful welcome. But over time, landscape plantings can become tired and eventually need renovation. We created a fresh welcoming “hello” for family and friends at this traditional stone home by renovating their foundation plantings and creating entry plantings with lush perennials and colorful seasonal blooms. To complement the foundation plantings, the homeowners will now enjoy changing seasonal color to keep the landscape fresh and cheery. A clean edge can make a big difference; we added a substantial natural stone edge to the foundation beds, which creates the perfect frame for the new color plantings. Entryways are a great place to express your personality and style; choose your favorite bright and bold color combinations, or keep it serene with whites and neutrals.

Casual & Contemporary Shady Makeover

Sometimes a simple change, like a clear path from point A to B can, totally transform your curb appeal. To create a more clear and clean pathway for guests to walk to this home’s front entrance, we installed large square pavers that offer a contemporary feel. The bright white pavers reflect the home’s classic modern look. We renovated the landscape beds with low-maintenance shade loving perennials and shrubs, and even installed a drip line to the beds and container plantings to make maintenance even easier. This is a great example of how simple changes and upgrades can take your property’s curb appeal to the next level.

Enchanting Tudor Makeover

While this lovely home was already beautiful in its own right, it’s amazing how a landscape refresh can elevate a property from beautiful to enchanting. Due to poor soil health, lawn areas and landscape beds had declined over time. After making significant improvements to the soil in both lawn and bed areas, we installed a new lawn plus shade loving perennials and shrubs around the entire property. Water-wise plants such as oak leaf hydrangeas and hellebore were introduced to make the landscape easier to maintain. However the shady backyard was the perfect location to house a variety of Japanese maple specimens. We added circular natural stonework to the back yard patio to soften the entire space andcreate a more inviting place to relax and entertain. We love this landscape!

Modern Pool & Backyard Kitchen Transformation

Everyone loves a pool…But the surrounding landscape and entertaining areas can either make or brake the space. Making the poolside environment both functional and attractive not only boosts your property value, but inspires you to actually use the pool! By adding a modern outdoor kitchen, installing all new concrete around the pool, and refreshing the landscape, we took this backyard from “OK” to “amazing”. The old concrete around the pool was old and unattractive. We removed it and installed all new concrete, creating the perfect space for new patio furniture. We designed and installed a new outdoor kitchen using sleek modern materials. We made sure to keep the size of the new kitchen to the scale for this small backyard, so it didn’t overwhelm the space by adding only the necessities; a sink, counter space to prep, a grill and oven. While the live landscaping around the pool is minimal, it strategically creates a soft frame that contrasts with the hardscape. Easy-maintenance, water-wise plants were chosen to fit this family’s lifestyle. The finished landscape is a space the entire family can enjoy together.

Mesero Restaurant Goes Waterwise Tropical

The right streetside landscaping and seasonal color goes a long way to helping create the right “vibe” for your business. Mesero Mexican restaurant on Henderson Ave. in Dallas is a wonderful restaurant designed with strong style; their landscape plantings need to stylish as well! The modern yet retro 50s vibe of the restaurant’s building design begged for palm trees, and we delivered. Extra care was taken to choose palm varieties that would both fit the scale of the small entry and power lines on the easement, as well as be cold tolerant enough to survive our occasional hard winter freezes. To keep the texture and color of the plantings as interesting as the buildings architecture, we chose low maintenance, drought tolerant yucca plants as a striking backdrop for the entry landscape bed. Each season, we plant fresh low-maintenance seasonal color to complement the perennial plantings. Containers that can be changed out seasonally line the patio as well. Stylish plantings don’t have to be complicated; clean and simple can make a strong statement, just like the restaurant.

A sideyard gets a playful reboot!

The sparse grass and exposed dirt made this side yard play area both an eyesore and a muddy mess. The homeowners dreamed of a space where their kids could play that was out of the way of their main backyard entertaining area, but that was still attractive and clean. To make the area more kid-friendly and easy to keep clean, we removed the old weak lawn and installed low-maintenance faux turf. While real grass is always our preferred choice, this area simply couldn’t sustain a healthy lawn, and water was being wasted trying to maintain it. This high-quality faux turf is soft to the touch, looks real and is easy to maintain. Just hose off any dirt or dust, the water runs through to the soil beneath because the backing material is permeable. Kids can play as much as they want with no worry about damaging the lawn. We also excavated part of the yard so that the kids trampoline could be installed at ground level. To make it easy for the kids to travel to their new playground, we installed attractive steps using natural stone pavers. The addition of a custom designed brick wall and rustic fence provides both safety for the kids and a big boost to the home’s curb appeal. Now, the homeowners have a special place for the kids to play that looks beautiful both from their home and the street.