Dallas Landscaping Company


Traditional Landscape Beauty

This stately home needed a lush and stately landscape to complement its architecture. Traditional trees and shrubs such as azaleas, Japanese maples and roses are focal points in the color gardens. We paired them with colorful perennials and annuals that bloom through the seasons. The natural plantings create a European flair that is a delight for the homeowners and their neighbors.

Rooftop Container Garden

This rooftop needed some serious greenery, but as with any rooftop garden project, water drainage must always be properly managed. We created a series of raised beds with advanced drainage and stonework that would support numerous container specimens. All plants were also hooked up to automated drip irrigation. This was a unique solution for making the rooftop feel lush, inviting and contemporary, while still properly managing water to prevent damage to the building.

Rooftop Courtyard Garden

Sometimes where we need a garden most just happens to be where you might not normally find one! This rooftop courtyard project offered up distinct challenges in terms of access, structure and water management. We created a series of raised planter beds with specialized drainage systems and barriers to keep water from damaging the building’s structure, plus drip irrigation to the entire garden. The result is a beautiful and sophisticated rooftop green space for the tenants.

Contemporary Patio & Pool

Clean lines and contemporary stone work make this backyard a soothing and stylish retreat. We created a spacious modern patio using large stone slabs and complemented the contemporary pool with polished Mexican river rock. Uniform plantings of low-maintenance specimens, such as horsetail reed and clumping bamboo complete the look.