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Japanese Inspired Garden Oasis with Waterfall

Bring a bit of Japan to your home with the bright foliage and architectural shapes of Japanese maples, a serene water feature and the soothing neutral colors of gray and black stones. We turned this small patio into a zen oasis by carefully choosing plants that offered both color and texture for seasonal and year-round interest, then combined them with carefully placed, large boulders and a bubbling waterfall. Keep calm in your urban backyard getaway!

Traditional Color in the Shade

This chateau style home has stunning European flair! We complimented the European feel with larger garden beds that could be filled with lots of lush color. In order to work with the established shade trees, we planted Japanese maples and azaleas; both are showy in the shade. The quaint iron fence is a wonderful frame for the front beds, which we filled with both perennials and seasonal color. In spring, tulips bloom big alongside the azaleas. Come summer, caladiums and impatiens rule supreme! Guests are welcomed at the front gate by a natural stone pad. The shaded pool is given the same beautiful treatment as the front landscape to offer a continuous flow.

A Patio for Entertaining

For these homeowners we turned their standard patio into an outdoor extension of their living and dining rooms. A walking path leads guests through a landscaped side yard to a bricked-in outdoor grill. The patio is close by for easy access and covered with a custom pergola for a bit of shady respite from the sun. Water features add relaxing sounds to an already serene space. The brick patio was extended to accommodate extra seating and loungers. Heat and drought tolerant shade plants were added for easy maintenance in our Texas climate. This patio is entertaining ready!

Contemporary Patio : Before & After

This home was in need of an area for the family to gather and entertain outdoors. They also wanted to be sure the style of the space fit in with their clean-lined contemporary home. We created a modern outdoor space using large blocks of easy-to-maintain concrete which we back filled with dark gray expanded shale. The contrast of materials gave the home’s back patio an updated and contemporary look, while keeping it low maintenance. Modern planters filled with cactus and succulents keep it festive, colorful and easy to care for.

Backyard Pergola : Before & After

A shady pergola, outdoor kitchen and custom stone patio make this backyard a perfect place for entertaining throughout the year! By adding a coordinating a stone wall along the driveway and around the patio, we tied together the entire backyard landscape.The new fence is a beautiful backdrop for the evergreen shrubs lining the backyard. Easy-maintenance plants were added so less water is needed once the plants are established. Even the side yard is landscaped with a stone pathway and Texas-tough plants!

Classic Stone Beds & Waterwise Plants

Natural stone custom raised beds give this traditional home depth and character. A mixture of evergreen perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs will keep the beds full of texture and color year-round. Seasonal blooms can be changed out as the weather warms then cools throughout the year.

Contemporary, Waterwise Landscape Update

Stone slabs, river rock accents and waterwise plants make this new landscape easy to maintain and comfortable to live in. The front steps were widened and a wood handrail was added to tie in the wood of the bench in front. Dwarf mondo grass was planted under the large shade tree as an alternative to leaving the soil bare. This will cut down on erosion. River rocks help with drainage and are a beautiful design element. A boulder water feature evokes calm to arriving guests.

Friendly & Inviting Walk-up

The southern style columns and red brick edging along the front pathway make for an inviting walk-up to this comfortable and traditional home. Symmetrical plantings of seasonal color are updated throughout the year keep the front landscape, and curb appeal, fresh. Containers filled with coordinating plants are a welcome surprise as guests reach the front door. The backyard, as you can see from the image in the gallery, was in need of a refresh. We improved the health of the grass so it was healthy and beautiful and then added stone pathways leading around the pool. We complemented the backyard with landscape plantings of hostas and ferns in the shady spots and roses and evergreens along the sunny fence line.

Traditional Pool Renovation with Modern Fence

When you want give a modern flair to an existing traditional backyard pool, new hardscaping can do the trick. To update the look of this pre-existing pool, we added a unique horizontal fence and lined it with heat tolerant plants such as horsetail reed. We even created a wall-mounted vertical garden and installed it directly on the fence. Custom stone steps give the small backyard space some much needed depth. Containers filled with pops of seasonal color keep the space festive and fun for poolside relaxing and entertaining.

A Small Space Goes Big!

This cozy backyard patio proves that you don’t need a lot of space to make a big impact! We created a custom natural stone patio to make the small space more useable, then added plantings between the stones to soften up the look and feel of the space. Low-maintenance plantings were added to make the space more cozy and inviting. The softly bubbling boulder water feature is an added touch of calm.