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A small side yard gets a big makeover.

Side yards: They’re kind of like the Cinderella of the landscape. They are often neglected and unattractive; but given some thought and care, they can transform into your favorite part of your landscape. This family wanted to make all their outdoor spaces usable and beautiful, including a neglected side yard. The changes we made were ultimately simple, but made a huge impact on the look and functionality of their space. This west facing side yard is almost completely shaded, but for a few small areas of full sun. In the areas that had enough direct sun, we added a new lush lawn. Under the large established shade tree, we created a stone patio perfect for relaxing or entertaining. It’s also now the perfect place for a grill or fire pit. We filled surrounding beds with ferns and other shade-tolerant easy-care perennials. The side yard, previously an eye sore, has now become a favorite place to relax!